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Allison Transmissions®

The ATR step-by-step remanufacturing process consists of careful teardown, documentation & inspection of parts.  Next, the transmission is thoroughly cleaned to "near sanitary" conditions by high pressure steam cleaners, spray cabinets, media blasting, and careful hand preparation.  All case preparation such as inspection of bolt holes, passages, etc... is done. Then every transmission is assembled with an ATR "standard" set of new parts, such as gaskets, washers, bearings, filters, bushings, seals, o-rings, lined plates and more.  All hard parts are thoroughly inspected and gauged for wear and remanufactured. Pumps are remachined, planetaries remanufactured, valve bodies dissembled and valves checked.

Finally, valve bodies and solenoids/governors (if applicable) are calibrated and tested on the latest computerized valve body tester.  Our trained technicians then "update" the transmission to the latest O.E specifications. ATR's own updates are put in to the correct known problems and prevents future failures.

These procedures added with a combined 100 years of remanufacturing experience equals to a trouble-free and durable transmission.  All ATR transmissions are fully computer controlled dynamometer tested to check for cold/hot oil pressure, slippage, gear noise, converter noise, stall test, shift pattern, up and down shifts, leaks, converter flow and converter torque multiplication.  You will receive with your remanufactured transmission the Dyno-test results to verify all points of the test it passed.  Rest assured you will receive a remanufactured transmission that performs like new!

Why ATR is the Premier Allison Transmission® Remanufacturer

  • Strict ISO remanufacturing procedures ensure consistency. 3-Year / Unlimited Mile Warranty Parts & Labor
  • ATR performs engineering updates to extend the life & durability of each transmission
  • 1000 Series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series/MD, 4000 Series/HD, HT Series, B Series, AT Series, MT Series, V-Drive's in stock
  • Genuine Allison® Parts used during Remanufacturing
  • Full hot oil computer controlled dyno-testing of each transmission assures quality and reliability
  • Valve bodies fully tested and calibrated to O.E.M specifications using the latest computer controlled equipment
  • The very latest computer driven dyno-tester with data acquisition system to record all critical data test results
  • Dyno test results included with each and every transmission
  • Customer service & technical help with years of "hands on" experience and knowledge
  • ATR offer's hands-on Technical Training at your locations to better educate your tech's on transmissions!
  • Simply the Best warranty program in the business...

3-Year Unlimited Mile Warranty Parts & Labor on All Models and All Applications!!!

When Experience Counts-Trust ATR!