Our Management Team

Rich Kuempel

President / CEO

Rich Kuempel has over 35 years of experience in both the aftermarket and O.E. transmission remanufacturing industry.  His accomplishments include leading a transmission remanufacturer to win two Frost & Sullivan awards.  Rich has also lead ATR to its ISO 9001-2008 certification as well. He has been recognized as an industry leader for both his technical and quality skills for both the Allison and Light-Duty transmissions.

As the former founder and CEO of a high volume transmission remanufacturer; Rich was elected the first chairman ever for APRA's (Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association) volume transmission rebuilders division, which he held for 4 years.

He was also the Co-founder of Sonnax's TASC Force, a group of the industry's best technicians developing "updates" for transmissions sold through Sonnax Industries.

He was also the Co-founder of TCRA (Torque Converter Rebuilders Association).  This group helped to develop remanufacturing standards for the torque converter remanufacturing industry.

Rich is very active in many industry associations that benefit the industry and customers.  He is a pioneer in the exchange transmission business.

During his 35+ years of experience in the industry, multiple awards, and involvement in the remanufacturing industry, it's no surprise that this highly motivated and driven individual took a $2,000 investment working from a 2-bay garage, and grew it to become one of the largest remanufacturers in the transmission industry.

Deanna Kuempel

Vice President of Key Accounts and Business Operations

Deanna is an extremely driven leader and manages many key functions of ATR's day to day operations - from insuring ATR's customers are provided with professional account management to being involved in many of ATR's business decisions.  She has vast years of business experience to provide solutions to customers' needs.  She also provides much of ATR's company vision and direction.  Deanna is instrumental to ATR's success.

Gilbert Sanchez

Chief Operating Officer

Gilbert is a visionary executive leader diversified in both technology and business in a manufacturing industry.  He is deeply accomplished in strengthening competitive advantage by reducing the cost of products and processes.  His daily involvement and drive ensures a higher success rate in helping ATR grow.  As Chief Operating Officer he is responsible for developing and deploying automation systems to drive productivity and increase sales for the last 12+ years.

Through innovation and the use of technology, he has developed systems to help control inventory, online ordering systems, real time tracking, parts inventory management, and customer relational databases.  He has spent the last 6+ years in various management positions dealing with customer service and technical support. He is known for his ability to create and articulate corporate vision, ensure customer satisfaction, and produce results.  Areas of ability and oversight include inventory control, business and sales analysis, work flow assessment, implementation and development of manufacturing procedures, product and market direction, risk management, and meeting financial objectives.

Our Chief Opertating Officer not only helps run the day to day operations, but is very experienced in product development, identification, and technical support in the transmission remanufacturing industry.

When Experience Counts-Trust ATR!