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Tradeshows in August

The International Motorcoach Group (IMG) was formed in 1998, as a group of independent companies working together to form a North American network of operators that shared a commitment  to excellence in customer service, safety, training and maintenance.

As an invitation only organization, IMG has grown to 50 companies who range in size, region and reflect a range of business models.  From bus charter, luxury motorcoaches, limousines, school buses, shuttles, IMG companies offer a wide range and selection of vehicles to meet your transportation needs.

With over 7,000 vehicles throughout North America and carrying over 21 million passengers, our customers have come to rely on IMG with confidence.

IMG companies have a reputation for being many of the most trusted transportation providers. It is our shared commitment to “Setting the Standard -  that sets IMG companies apart and the first choice for so many.


August 5th-8th
Hilton Branson Convention Center, Branson, MO

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